Find Your Freedom

I help postpartum mothers release anxiety and stress so that they feel confident, energetic and enjoy motherhood. 

Is being a new mother not what you thought it would be and has you feeling like you have done something wrong and has left you helpless and without the joy of motherhood everyday?

My name is Merry and I help proud new mothers find their freedom to understand how to be the mother they deserve to be with Rapid Transformational Therapy. 

I hope you find my website informative and for a free private chat on how I can help change your life, please get in contact with me today.

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How Can I Help You?

Are You Experiencing These Symptoms?

  • Feeling like you need to be perfect as a new mother and are anxious about motherhood everyday
  • Feeling like you are not doing a good job and you feel weak and helpless inside constantly
  • Increased depression and a great sense of overwhelm
  • Increased mood swings, irritability and simply not enjoying your new role as a mother everyday
  • Lethargic, over tiredness, and you are suffering from insomnia
  • Difficulty focusing everyday and worried about all your priorities and responsibilities
  • Self neglect and putting all your needs last 
  • Having to take medicine for any length of time and eating the wrong foods to comfort yourself
  • A strong desire that you want to enjoy your new role as a proud mother but you want the help

I will Show You Exactly:

  • The root cause of your anxiety about motherhood 
  • Why you have held onto these self limiting beliefs and how your new role is not about perfection but accepting yourself and how to find smart ways to release your emotions and prioritize your new role
  • How easy and rapid it is to rewire your belief system and behaviors to ensure you also have your needs met and how to balance your new role; one which you deserve to love and cherish every moment 

Book a 20 min Discovery call NOW

What Some Of My Clients Are Saying:

I had RTT sessions from Merry about Anxiety. I had problems with expressing myself and feeling bad when I wanted to express something I didn’t want to do in order to please other people... I contacted Merry regarding the issues I have and she really tuned in my problems and she listened to me by heart. Trust was very important for me since I was even believing in myself. I felt that I can trust her. She was doing her job with love and I felt it.  She was here to help me, to support me and I was not alone.  After RTT, I had an understanding of why, how I was not comfortable with expressing myself and why I was not able to say no...Now I feel strong, powerful, significant, calmer when I talk with the people. My relationship with my husband is better, I feel free and I am not taking all the responsibility in the relationship anymore. I feel relaxed and happy and confident.  Merry supported me a lot during this journey.  We had follow -up meetings and she guided me, made me feel that I am not alone, I am powerful, my feelings and thoughts matter and they are real. There were moments that I felt anxiety for some other issues and she supported me with some exercises that I can keep focusing on new me. She is really qualified for many perspectives. She is an amazing RTT therapist and coach and human.  I cannot really express how I felt lucky to meet with her.  I am thankful for her thousand of times.


I had come across Merry about two weeks ago for my anxiety. From the first moment that I had spoken to her I instantly felt a connection. She's so full of life, amazing and beautiful inside and she makes you feel 100% comfortable and powerful! My first session was absolutely phenomenal! We touched upon 3 scenes of my childhood that brought me exactly where I "was" today. I can't stress the "was" enough! It isn't me anymore...I know who I am and my past does not define me. It only took 1 session for me to be myself again and for that I am forever grateful! I absolutely love Merry and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find their way back to themselves!!! She will not disappoint! Best idol to have on this journey!