Find Your Freedom

I help motivated individuals overcome their anxiety and their childhood trauma so that they can reclaim their life with confidence, energy and make a real plan for their future.

Do you currently feel like your life is full of stress, anxiety and you suffer from both physical and mental health challenges and everyday is a battle and you don't know how to get your life back with real purpose and joy?

My name is Merry and I help individuals who are experiencing great anxiety in their life find their ultimate freedom with my Rapid Transformational Therapy ™ and specialized Coaching service. 

I hope you find my website informative and for a free private chat on how I can help change your life, please get in contact with me today.

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How Can I Help You?

Are You Experiencing These Symptoms?

  • Feeling like you are experiencing great anxiety in your life?
  • Feeling like you are not doing a good job and you feel weak and helpless inside constantly?
  • Increased depression and a great sense of overwhelm in your life?
  • Decreased relationships with everyone around you, including your family and friends?
  • Lethargic, over tiredness, and you are suffering from insomnia?
  • You have lost your purpose in life and what you want to do?
  • Self neglect and putting all your needs last?
  • Having to take medicine for any length of time but not getting any results?
  • Having challenges with eating, and creating harmful lifestyle habits?

I will Show You Exactly:

  • The root cause of your anxiety stemming from your childhood and how this relates  to how you are as an adult and why we need to create a plan together while clearing away all your childhood scarring.
  • Why you have held onto these self limiting beliefs and how your new self can be created using my proven and practical Hypnotherapy & Coaching program that is tailored and responsive just for you.
  • How easy and rapid it is to rewire your belief system and behaviors to ensure you also have your needs met and how to lead a future that is fill of confidence, happiness and self growth.

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What Some Of My Clients Are Saying:

I had RTT sessions from Merry about Anxiety. I had problems with expressing myself and feeling bad when I wanted to express something I didn’t want to do in order to please other people... I contacted Merry regarding the issues I have and she really tuned in my problems and she listened to me by heart. Trust was very important for me since I was even believing in myself. I felt that I can trust her. She was doing her job with love and I felt it.  She was here to help me, to support me and I was not alone.  After RTT, I had an understanding of why, how I was not comfortable with expressing myself and why I was not able to say no...Now I feel strong, powerful, significant, calmer when I talk with the people. My relationship with my husband is better, I feel free and I am not taking all the responsibility in the relationship anymore. I feel relaxed and happy and confident.  Merry supported me a lot during this journey.  We had follow -up meetings and she guided me, made me feel that I am not alone, I am powerful, my feelings and thoughts matter and they are real. There were moments that I felt anxiety for some other issues and she supported me with some exercises that I can keep focusing on new me. She is really qualified for many perspectives. She is an amazing RTT therapist and coach and human.  I cannot really express how I felt lucky to meet with her.  I am thankful for her thousand of times.


I had come across Merry about two weeks ago for my anxiety. From the first moment that I had spoken to her I instantly felt a connection. She's so full of life, amazing and beautiful inside and she makes you feel 100% comfortable and powerful! My first session was absolutely phenomenal! We touched upon 3 scenes of my childhood that brought me exactly where I "was" today. I can't stress the "was" enough! It isn't me anymore...I know who I am and my past does not define me. It only took 1 session for me to be myself again and for that I am forever grateful! I absolutely love Merry and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to find their way back to themselves!!! She will not disappoint! Best idol to have on this journey!